Professional Services

The website development profession is made up of many different specialties; while this is true, most clients may not want to work with multiple professionals. When you have landed a project, which may be outside of your comfort zone, you need an experienced programmer to handle the more complex aspects of your project. I can handle a myriad of different programmatic requirements; including, but not limited to, third-party theme customization, custom theme development, custom plugin development, custom functionality, and API Integration! If you find yourself in hot water, reach out immediately and let's see what we can do!

Available Services

My Client Services generally falls into one of three categories: WordPress Development, Custom Theme Development, and Custom Plugin Development.

WordPress Development

Starting at $3,000

Utilization of a third-party theme for rapid website development and extensive optimization. Clients with smaller budgets may see more value out of this service.

Custom Themes

Starting at $4,500

Conversion of a custom design mock-up into a fully functional Custom WordPress Theme. Clients who have larger budgets, will see more value with this service.

Custom Plugins

Starting at $3,750

Creation of a custom plugin to produce custom/unique functionality or for API Integration. Clients who have an existing website may see more value out of this service.

Working Arrangements

My Professional Clients can work with me in either a Sub-Contractor or Consultant capacity. Professional Clients should consider which capacity they would prefer to work with me in as they work very differently. If the project happens to be budgeted, the Professional Client will need to provide the budget information for the aspects of the project that I will be working on. I will ensure that the Professional Client works with me in the proper configuration to ensure the end-client obtains the same value that I would provide to my Direct Clients.


As a sub-contractor, my role would be to implement a fully defined specification. As the project manager, the Professional Client would be responsible for ensuring that the specification can be implemented and any issues have been sussed out. I do not provide consultation services when working in a sub-contractor capacity and cannot guarantee that the specification can be delivered as promised to the client. This type of arrangement is generally more suitable for Professional Clients who are programmers simply looking to outsource overbooked work. I cannot guarantee that I will accept all sub-contractor type projects as I have my own standards for how I provide my services.


As a consultant, I work with you to help define the specification of a project; including, ensuring that what is promised to the client can actually be delivered. I aim to find any and all issues so that solutions can be found before they become problems. Under the Consultant capacity, I serve as the Project Manager for the development aspects of the project and I work along side my Professional Client to ensure any overlapping elements blend seamlessly. This type of arrangement is more suitable for Professional Clients who have limited programming experience and will help ensure the project runs effectively. Professional Clients who aim to utilize me as a Consultant will need to engage my services near the very beginning of the project - primarily before any estimates have been provided to the end-client.

Ready to begin?

Regardless of your needs, I aim to take on challenging projects that require outside-the-box thinking to accomplish the client's goals. If you are looking for someone capable of finding solutions, regardless of what is being requested, contact me today and let's get started bringing your ideas to life.

Increase your earning potential!

I aim to provide my Professional Clients with less risk, more confidence, and a much larger earning potential. Reduce your risk by working with an established professional who will see every project through to the end. Gain confidence by knowing you have someone who can tackle even the most outside-the-box requests from your clients! Obtain a much larger earning potential by being able to take on larger projects and to compete with larger development agencies. While outsourcing can be a nightmare, rest assured knowing you have someone in your corner who simply won't let you down!

Simplify your life!

My rates are designed to cover a good bit of scope creep, end-client nightmares, various delays, and a number of other situations that can derail a project. When you and your client accepts my estimate, you are covered in just about every single situation. I also offer a 100% Bug-Free Warranty that covers the project against any developer-error; this perpetual warranty provides you with the peace of mind that any bug (which I inadvertently cause) will be resolved at absolutely no cost to you or your client. If you are tried of getting screwed by your sub-contractors, or want to prevent from getting screwed, contact me immediately!

With a custom full-stack programmer by your side, you can land projects more confidently. Land the work that you know you can do and pass off the rest of the work to an experienced programmer. Whether you are a designer, developer, programmer, content writer, or a salesman, I provide you the confidence you need to know your clients will get top-notch quality and guaranteed delivery.
When you are confident about taking on larger, more complex, projects, you can increase the revenue you generate by not having to pass on those projects. We will work together to find the right division of labor, so that you can keep your work flow steady without having to worry which projects you should or shouldn't take on!
Outsourcing comes with a number of risks, primarily that you are personally liable if your sub-contractors take a down payment and bolt! As a professional (with 7+ years of experience) you can rest assured knowing that once we start your project, it will be seen through to the end. Even if your project happens to go sideways, or the client becomes difficult to work with, I aim to reduce the risks associated with outsourcing website development work.
Professional Clients tend to have less of a need of on-going work than many Direct Clients; due to this I provide as-needed (Ad-Hoc) services to my Professional Clients. If you are interested in obtaining on-going support, please visit Ad-Hoc Services for more information! Retainers are also available on a per-client basis.
You have enough to worry about and do not need to also worry about the person who you are outsourcing work to! With me, I aim to do everything I can to give you the peace of mind that you need; so you can focus on your business, your services, and your clients. I will treat every project you provide as though it was a project I landed directly and will work with you to ensure your client gets the highest quality possible. You are paying me to get the job done, not produce additional complications!