Client Services

I work with my clients to produce a solution that will help their business generate more revenue. Revenue generation is the most vital goal of every single business in existence, everything else is secondary. I help my clients compete on either a local, national, or global level. It doesn't matter how large (or small) your business is, an effective website will produce a serious return on your investment. I will work with you to optimize your investment and maximize your return!

Available Services

My Client Services generally falls into one of three categories: WordPress Development, Custom Theme Development, and Custom Plugin Development.

WordPress Development

Starting at $3,000

Utilization of a third-party theme for rapid website development and extensive optimization. Clients with smaller budgets may see more value out of this service.

Custom Themes

Starting at $4,500

Conversion of a custom design mock-up into a fully functional Custom WordPress Theme. Clients who have larger budgets, will see more value with this service.

Custom Plugins

Starting at $3,750

Creation of a custom plugin to produce custom/unique functionality or for API Integration. Clients who have an existing website may see more value out of this service.

Ready to begin?

Regardless of your needs, I aim to take on challenging projects that require outside-the-box thinking to accomplish the client's goals. If you are looking for someone capable of finding solutions, regardless of what is being requested, contact me today and let's get started bringing your ideas to life.

Services tailored to your needs!

While I aim to provide all-inclusive services, I can tailor my services to your exact needs! I can service as just a developer if you already have a designer and someone producing content for your website. When you want someone to serve as your point of contact, I will work as a consultant and direct other freelancers that you have hired. I will also serve as your Freelance Chief Technology Officer when you want an all-inclusive service that delivers results! I perform all development work myself and work with other professionals who offer design and content writing services.

Small Budget?

If you have a lower budget, but want more from your website, you can get services now with no money down and up to 52 weeks to pay with Fundbox Pay! Simply visit Fundbox Pay to apply for special financing! Regardless of how much you get approved for, I will do my best to work with you so that you can get an effective website. If you want to learn more about Fundbox Pay (and how it applies to the services I provide), you can visit Special Financing on WordPress Development.

Projects that have a fixed scope (specification) will see a flat-rate; which is produced using many different factors. Rates are negotiable on a per-project basis; however, reducing the rate may require altering the scope of your project.
Clients who have on-going needs, but may not have enough work to warrant a retainer, can obtain my services on an as-needed basis. My as-needed services are called "Ad-Hoc" services and you can read more about them by visiting Ad-Hoc Services!
While I am more than happy to work out arrangements, on a per-project basis, most projects will require at least 40% down and have the remaining 60% split up (to be paid throughout the development of your project). If I am working on an environment that you control (meaning you are receiving the work as it is performed), I require being paid in advance of any work that I do. Projects less than $5,000 will require at least 60% down and the remaining 40% will be paid in installments throughout the development of your project.
Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee what type of Return on Investment (ROI) that any specific client may see. There is an old saying "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink!"; this also applies to websites. While it is my goal to generate more traffic, generate higher conversion rates, and generate more revenue, it is solely dependent on the individual business, how the business operates, and what type of market there is for the business. A website for a large infrastructure construction firm can see a significant return on their investment; however, a small convenient store (located in a small town) may not see any return on investment. My objective will be to see whether or not I can potentially provide a significant return on investment before I provide the client with a quote. Even if I find that I could potentially do so, the project may need to be fine-tuned (after development) to maximize the return that could be generated.
Clients have multiple payment options available to them: PayPal, Credit Card (through Stripe or PayPal), Google Wallet, Zelle (for smaller projects), Fundbox Pay, and Check. Direct Deposit and Wire Transfers may be available on a per-client basis.