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Through my professional career, I have come across many challenges (both in and out of code); readers can share my experiences and learn more about me and what a programmer really does.

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Why you need a WordPress Maintenance Retainer!

When it comes to a WordPress website, keeping it running optimally requires maintenance. If you want to protect your investment, a maintenance retainer is just the solution for you! Learn more about the benefits of a maintenance retainer and how they can help keep your website running smooth.

Tailored WordPress Development Services

There are many different types of services that a WordPress Developer can perform and not all developers are created equally. I offer a myriad of different services that are tailored to the exact services that each individual client may need. Not every client is the same nor needs the same, so my services are tailored to each individual client.

WordPress Development Rates

Many clients look at the Hourly Rate that a WordPress Developer charges; however, they often do not consider the difference between “billable” time and “non-billable” time. I provide an insight as to why my rates are between $75/hr to $125/hr and what I define as “billable” time.

Special Financing on WordPress Development

Fundbox Pay promotes special financing to give clients more time to pay! If you are looking to start your WordPress project, but are concerned about paying so much upfront, Fundbox Pay may be the solution for you!

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